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Anyone who breaks the law will be punished said JP Nadda on the oppositions bulldozer politics



JP Nadda, the leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), slammed the opposition for promoting bulldozer politics in India while on a day-long visit to Gujarat on Friday. Anyone who wants to compete with the party, according to Nadda, will “have to toil for 50-60 years.” The BJP leader is in Ahmedabad to meet with party members and leaders ahead of the state Assembly elections, which are expected to take place in December.

JP Nadda stated, “As the discussion over “Bulldozer Justice” continues, “We’ll rely on the rule of law. All things that are constitutionally recognized will be implemented. The law will be put into effect “.

He went on to say that anyone who broke the law will face consequences.

“Whoever wants to compete with our party would have to toil for 50-60 years,” the BJP leader added.

Our philosophy is earning international acclaim.

The BJP is a party that is moving in the right direction, with the right ideology, and will lead the country ahead.”

JP Nadda and Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel visited Sabarmati Ashram on Friday morning after arriving at Ahmedabad airport. Later, he would meet around 7,000 party workers from across Gujarat at the Gujarat University conference center in Ahmedabad.

The BJP has formed a team ahead of the 2024 elections.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has formed a team to boost booths where the party lacks strength during a campaign and reach out to voters ahead of the general elections in 2024.

The campaign will be launched by JP Nadda, the party’s national president.

The launch date for this campaign, however, has yet to be determined. Representatives from several states are expected to take part in the campaign. The deadline has been set by the party three months from the start of the campaign.

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Presence of Hawkers at railway stations has irked residents in Navi Mumbai



Residents of Navi Mumbai have been irritated by the presence of hawkers on busy hours at the railway station.

The Hawkers

Residents and commuters of Navi Mumbai are displeased with the hawkers’ daily presence at Kharghar & many other stations on the harbour line. The commuters claim that the hawkers illegally occupy spaces on the railway station premises in order to sell their items.

Usually the subway exit of the railway station is the place where the commuters reported seeing hawkers selling toys, books, purses, wallets, clothes, and shoes.

A commuter expressed, The area outside the station becomes a mini-market after sunset. With sellers benefiting from the government’s ease, which hasn’t yet resulted in harsh penalties. Other public spaces in Navi Mumbai are also affected by the hawker problem, particularly on the days when flea markets are held. To allow hawkers an authorized place to sell items and make a living without invading on public space, the authorities should come up with a solution.

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After being attacked by a beggar in Nerul with a beer bottle, a college student was hospitalized



An official stated on Thursday that police had taken into custody a beggar who had reportedly struck a female college student in Nerul, Navi Mumbai, on the head with a shattered glass beer bottle and stabbed her with it without any provocation.

The culprit, 26-year-old Imam Hassan Shamsuddin, was taken into custody after the event on December 4. According to him, the victim, who is 21 years old, is receiving medical attention at a hospital. The girl had traveled with a companion to a college in Nerul, from her hometown of Airoli in Navi Mumbai. Around 1:30 pm, senior inspector Tanaji Bhagat of the Nerul police station stated that the beggar approached the woman while she was waiting for a bus in the neighborhood and assaulted her without giving her any warning.

The woman suffered serious injuries when the accused struck her on the head with the bottle and then stabbed her in the abdomen with the shattered piece. The official stated that he then left the site. He said that the victim was taken to a hospital by bystanders, where she is receiving treatment at the moment.

An investigation was started after a murder attempt was reported. The culprit was taken into custody after the police reviewed the CCTV footage and gathered information from its sources, he added. According to the official, investigation into the attack’s motivation is underway.

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Minister Vijay Nahata inaugurated the redevelopment work of a society in Navi Mumbai



The Inauguration of redevelopment work of Shiv Shakti society was done by Shivsena Minister Shree Vijay Nahata.

The Redevelopment work

At Belapur Sector 20, Navi Mumbai, under the Shubham Bhavya Infra Builders & Developers the Shiv Shakti Society is set to undergo a redevelopment procedure. So, to undergo the redevelopment procedure successfully a redevelopment work inauguration program was held by the Shiv Shakti society. So, for the inauguration of the redevelopment work Shivsena Minister Shree Vijay Nahata was invited.

At the Inauguration of the redevelopment work of the Shiv Shakti society alongside Shree Vijay Nahata present were Shivsena Party officials, Real Estate Builders, Society officials & residents of the society. Under the leadership of the Shubham Bhavya Infra Builders & Developers chief Dr. Bhushan More the redevelopment is said to be completed.

Speaking to the media Shree Vijay Nahata said, “The redevelopment work of Shiv Shakti society is under process. The inauguration work was carried on here. A total of 24 Families reside here in this society & for their wellbeing this inauguration was carried out.”

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