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According Prime Minister Modi, Electricity should no longer be received for free



In an apparent attempt to fight the Aam Aadmi Party and the Congress over their pledge of free power in poll-bound Gujarat, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Thursday that it was time to make money from electricity rather than receiving it for free.

Speaking during an election rally in Modasa, a town in the Aravalli area of north Gujarat, Modi said that only he is skilled in the art of enabling people to profit from energy.

The PM also attacked the Congress, claiming that it adheres to the “divide and rule” philosophy and is solely concerned with gaining and maintaining power.

Arvind Kejriwal, the national convener of the AAP and the chief minister of Delhi, has been attempting to win over voters by promising that if his party were elected to power in the Bharatiya Janata Party-ruled Gujarat, it would provide free electricity up to 300 units per month, just like it does in the national capital and Punjab.

On several occasions, Kejriwal has asserted that he is the only politician in the nation to have “mastered this miracle of supplying free power.”

The opposition Congress has jumped on board and stated in its election platform that if elected to power in Gujarat, where the Assembly elections are set for December 1 and 5, the party will likewise offer free energy up to 300 units.

Gujarat PM Narendra Modi says he wants to see people earning money from electricity generated from solar rooftop systems instead of getting it for free. “Only Modi knows this art wherein people will be able to earn from electricity,” he tells an event in Modhera, a village in Mehsana district.

He reminded the residents of Aravalli that during the Congress era, farmers in this district had been murdered by police when they demanded inexpensive energy for agricultural purposes.

According to the PM, farmers are increasingly producing their own power by installing solar panels on underused farmland areas.

“Additionally, they may make money by selling extra power. The day when people want inexpensive power is over. Today, selling power is a viable source of money “explained he.

At the time, Modi also attacked the Congress, claiming the opposition group solely adheres to the “divide and rule” philosophy and only considers how to get power.

“Has there been any progress in Rajasthan, a state that is close to your border? Have you heard any encouraging news about that region? Development cannot be done by the Congress “he said.

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Concerns Are Raised By A Neglected Area Outside The East Exit Of Vashi Station By Passengers



A neglected area outside vashi station was the issue of concern.

The Issue

While most commuters get off the subway facing the Vashi station’s Raghu Leela side, a sizable portion of travelers also use the station’s eastern side to get towards Sanpada. The neglected state of the outlying lands outside the station on this side has drawn the attention of locals and commuters alike.

Several complaints have been made by commuters, who list numerous problems with the area. Under all that debris, they noticed that wiring and plastic tubing were left unsecured, and there was a pedestrian bench.

A daily commuter stated, “Authorities have turned a blind eye to this problem even though it’s right under their nose. This side does not receive heavy footfall like the other side of Vashi station does one is concerned about the aesthetics of this area.”

“My son studies at Father Agnel High School and my office is in Vashi. When we pass by this area in the morning, I have noticed slabs that have caved in; this has become a hazard for people walking here,” a Sanpada resident remarked. Additionally, there is an overabundance of bushes and plants next to a bench that was supposed to serve as sitting. A renovation is desperately needed in the area.

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As The Lok Sabha Elections Draw Near, The Navi Mumbai Police Are On Guard



The Navi Mumbai Police has stepped up its efforts to maintain peace and order as the Lok Sabha elections get closer. The police have sprang into action with the adoption of the Code of Conduct, organizing six teams to target illegal activity within the municipal borders.

Preventive action has been taken against 270 people, and 663 guns belonging to license holders have been gathered, according to Special Branch Deputy Commissioner Prashant Mohite. Given the presence of political personalities and activists with criminal records in the city, this proactive strategy tries to avert any problems during the elections.

A total of 270 people have been subject to preventative action under Sections 107 and 110 since the Code of Conduct’s inception. Six people with criminal backgrounds have already been removed from the city and district, and the police are aggressively seeking more. In addition, there are currently 15 to 20 more culprits to find and prosecute.

The enforcement of the code of conduct will be handled by a specialized squad that will concentrate on transportation, illicit liquor manufacture, and drugs. In Kamothe and Panvel city, code infractions have already resulted in the registration of cases.

Navi Mumbai Police will be augmented by forces from the Central Reserve Force and Home Guard to strengthen security during the elections. People are urged to report any anomalies using the Election Commission’s C-Vigil app or the police, and Deputy Commissioner Prashant Mohite promises that concerns will be handled quickly.

As part of its efforts to suppress illicit activity, the police have recovered 3409 liters of booze valued at Rs 3.54 lakh in addition to large amounts of narcotics including MD, LSD, ganja, and charas. In addition, 23 distinct kinds of firearms have been seized, demonstrating the police’s dedication to guaranteeing a secure and impartial voting procedure.

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Dry Coconut Tree Leaves And Other Trash Cover The Footpath In Sanpada



The Sanpada residents expressed frustration over tree leaves & trash covered on footpaths.

In Detail

The deteriorating state of the footpath along the Palm Beach bridge, which is close to the NMMC garden plot, has disappointed the residents of Sector 13, Sanpada. In Sanpada, on the other side of the nullah. Now it’s just a dump on the path. Garbage, dried coconut tree leaves, and other stuff are merely laying there while people go by, demonstrating the authorities’ indifference.

Residents have reported that dried leaves, trash, and abandoned objects have been visible along the path for over a month. They have also mentioned that men urinate oneself close to the walkway because it is relatively empty after dusk.

“I pass by this area every day; the palms from the coconut trees on this small garden plot of NMMC have fallen on the footpath for quite some time and no effort has been made to send sanitation workers to pick them up and take them away,” said Sayali Rathore, a resident of Sector 13, Sanpada.

Locals have voiced their concerns over why, despite having sufficient staff to address the issue, local pockets in less-frequented regions are becoming untidy and messy, given that Navi Mumbai is the third cleanest city in India.

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