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Something Cristiano Ronaldo wouldn’t support according to reports



Cristiano Ronaldo, a Portuguese legend, is said to have informed Manchester United’s management that he will not support Ralf Rangnick’s appointment as permanent head coach of the senior team. Ronaldo, according to the Daily Star, is dissatisfied with United’s Premier League performance and has made it obvious to the club’s administration that he does not want Rangnick to be elevated to permanent head coach. Following the resignation of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in November 2021, Rangnick was named temporary coach of United.

Cristiano Ronaldo is ‘disappointed’ with Manchester United’s showing.

Ronaldo, who returned to United in the summer of 2021, has expressed dissatisfaction with the club’s performance and has asked interim manager Rangnick to go. Ronaldo is said to be unsatisfied with United’s current performance and is considering quitting the club, according to reports. Ronaldo met with his agent Jorge Mendes to discuss his future at Manchester United, according to reports.

After being substituted during a game against Brentford earlier this month, Ronaldo was seen yelling at Rangnick. Before storming off the field, Ronaldo was seen shouting at Rangnick. “Why am I here? Why are you removing me, why are you removing me? “During the game against Brentford, Ronaldo was heard mumbling as he went off the pitch in the 71st minute. Rangnick was forced to explain after the game that everything between him and Ronaldo was OK and that the former Juventus star was enraged because he wanted to play to the end.

“Cristiano was displeased; as a goal scorer, he would have preferred to continue playing and score, but it was more vital for us to remain compact, have enough legs, and [make] solid headers to defend their set-pieces. I told him exactly that after we scored the third goal. I understand your desire to score yourself, but perhaps when you’re a head coach yourself in a few years, you’ll make the same decision “After the game, Rangnick spoke with the media.

Is Cristiano Ronaldo planning a comeback to Real Madrid?

Another storey from late last month claimed that Ronaldo wants to leave Manchester United if the club fails to qualify for the UEFA Champions League this season. Ronaldo is expected to be back to Real Madrid, where he played previously. Ronaldo has directed his representative to speak with Real Madrid president Florentino Perez about a possible return to the club next season, according to the Catalan newspaper El Nacional.

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The Election Campaign Of Naresh Mhaske Begins In Navi Mumbai



Naresh Mhaske’s election campaign kick-starts.

The Campaign

With the launch of Naresh Mhaske’s campaign in many Navi Mumbai wards, the Mahayuti candidate, electoral fever is spreading throughout the city. Leading the charge alongside him was Navi Mumbai’s BJP District President, Sandeep Naik, who arranged campaign gatherings in the area’s most important wards, Karave, Darave, Seawoods, and Nerul.

In front of an enthusiastic assembly of BJP workers and office bearers, the message was crystal clear: the electorate will support the Modi administration once more. With high hopes, the focus is on winning every seat to open the door for Narendra Modi to serve a third term as prime minister.

Naresh Mhaske enthralled the masses at these pivotal events, calling on them to support Modi’s leadership and deliver landslide victory with overwhelming mandates. Mhaske emphasised the amazing relief efforts undertaken by the BJP amid emergencies such as the COVID-19 epidemic while highlighting the party’s persistent dedication to serving the people.

It was also remarked that MLA Ganesh Naik, who made an astounding 77 trips to the municipal offices during the epidemic, showed strong leadership. In addition, the administration’s prompt actions to guarantee the security of Navi Mumbai residents were applauded, in addition to the city’s recognition as a hygienic, livable, and water-rich city.

When one considered the advancements in development made during the last ten years under Modi’s direction, the feeling was that all facets of society had benefited. The Mahayuti alliance is expected to win big in Navi Mumbai thanks to the unwavering efforts of BJP members who have been strengthening the party’s organizational base since 2019.

The allied Shiv Sena in Mahayuti has been handed the Thane Lok Sabha seat in a calculated move. District President Naik mobilized support by comparing Naresh Mhaske to MLA Ganesh Naik and Narendra Modi, and asking everyone to focus their energies on making sure he wins.

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Anger Rises Over The Disposal Of Debris At The Iconic Jewels Of Navi Mumbai



The disposal of debris at the iconic jewels of Navi Mumbai has outraged environmentalists.

The Issue

Environmentalists are outraged by the continued dumping of rubbish at Navi Mumbai’s famed Jewel. Concerns have been raised over the potential environmental impact of the dumping, which was purportedly done by a contractor employed by the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC), on the waterbody’s rehabilitation initiatives.

The leader of the Environment Life Foundation and frequent visitor to the region, Dharmesh Barai, stressed the need to exercise prudence while doing the rejuvenation work. He voiced concerns about the interconnecting holding ponds and emphasized how important they are to preserving the mangrove environment in the area. Barai asked contractors and city engineers to give environmental protection top priority during desilting.

Founder of the group Save Navi Mumbai Environment, Sunil Agrawal expressed disapproval of the ongoing dumping of rubbish and warned of the negative impact on the lake’s capacity to contain water. Despite being an intertidal water body, Agarwal questioned why the Jewel of Navi Mumbai was being treated like a holding pond. He expressed worries about how restoration efforts will affect migratory birds’ habitat, especially flamingos, whose population has significantly increased recently.

Agarwal highlighted the need of preserving animal habitats in the face of development initiatives by citing the recent deaths of 13 flamingos at DPS Lake as a result of habitat degradation.

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Workers And Office Bearers Of Mahayuti Pledge Support For Prime Minister Modi’s Third Term



Mahayuti pledge support to bring back PM Modi’s term for the third time.

The Election

A combined gathering of all Mahayuti office bearers and workers in the Thane Lok Sabha Constituency was called at MLA Manda Mhatre’s Navi Mumbai home in an attempt to organize support for the impending elections.

Speaking to the guests at the event, Vijay Nahata gave a rallying cry that urged each employee to interact with residents at their doorstep. Nahata emphasized the significance of the next elections and the need to guarantee the Mahayuti candidate’s success in order to clear the path for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s third term in power. He called on everyone in attendance to give their all to the cause and put in endless effort to ensure that Mahayuti’s nominee, Naresh Mhaske, succeeds.

MLA Manda Mhatre echoed the views expressed by Nahata, stressing the need to maintain Prime Minister Modi’s leadership for the country’s ongoing development. MLA Manda Mhatre underlined the importance of Mahayuti’s candidate winning handily, saying that a solid mandate will reaffirm Modi’s leadership and open the door for all-encompassing development in the area.

She also encouraged the participants to work toward reaching the 400-point mark and guaranteeing Naresh Mhaske’s resounding win. She underlined that the victory of Mahayuti’s candidacy was critical for the constituency as well as for Prime Minister Modi’s ability to influence the course of the country going forward.

Deputy Leader of the Shiv Sena Vijay Nahata, Saroj Patil, Rohidas Patil, Vijay Mane, Dilip Ghodekar, Vijay Ghate, and Jayaji Nath were among the notable individuals who attended the meeting. There was a strong vow of support and commitment from everyone in attendance.

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